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Káfet KOLARI opened on 4.6.2021!

We opened Káfet KOLARI last Friday without making a fuss or any particular celebrations.

At Káfet we serve coffee, sweet buns from our own bakery, donuts, cakes etc and and a delicious homemade lunch and other meals. We have and A - Liquor Licence and a cozy summer terrace, where you can stop for a moment to have a look at life in Lappi, that in the picture looks a bit quiet, but the picture was taken around midnight when the sun had already set behind the building.

Káfet Kolari is located in the same building at the Wood Jewel souvenir shop at Jokijalantie 1, KOLARI. As a collaboration we aim to provide services and experiences that at least warrant a stop for all passers-by.

We firmly believe that despite corona the resturant business will rise again and we are doing our part to make sure entrepreneur lead stops stay at the sides of even highways.

Our operations at Levi will continue as Normal potentially by Midsummer or at the latest around when ruska (the autumn colors) arrives to Lapland in the autumn.

Káfet Kolari is located just next to the E8 road int the Kolari Centre intersection. We'd like to extend a warm welcome to all Kolari residents and travellers!

Best Wishes,

Jaana ja Jukka Mäki-Kullas



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